Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water Damage to Ceiling

Notice anything wrong with the ceiling in this picture? The ceiling is wavey and buckled from the water damage above. This is not uncommon, but it's always best to catch the damage as early as you can. 

Signs of Water

Water damage of any kind can show differently. Water circles on your ceiling can be a sure sign of a problem. When water gets soaked into the flooring, it tends to settle. Overtime, this can result in the ceiling falling through! 

Wet Subfloor

This picture is an example of how sub flooring can hold water! Even if you think the tile or the carpeting on top of the sub floor is dry, it may have already seeped through and affected more than you think! When flooding or a leak occurs, it's important to make sure all materials are corrected before the problem gets worse! 

Standing Water

When a local church noticed water in several rooms they gave us a call. This picture is an example of "standing water". In the event of standing water, that water will need to be extracted from the placement in order to start the drying process.