Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Home Fire

Isn't this picture scary? This was someone's home and place of comfort before the crisis happened. It's so important to be ready for an emergency and to have a plan in place for you and your loved ones to follow. 

burned couch


In this picture, you can see the homeowner's couch that was completely engulfed in the fire. This is a great example of what a fire can do to your belongings. Always have an emergency plan in the event a crisis, like a fire, hits your home. The more prepared you are, the less damage that can occur! 

Grease Fire

While cooking can be a fun activity, it's important to keep your attention close by! In this home, the client was making an afternoon snack when she got distracted just for a moment and this is the outcome. Fires can happen quickly and spread even quicker. One tip is to keep an extinguisher close by in the event of an outbreak.

Fire Cleaning in Process

In this photo you can see the horrific damage that just the smoke from a fire damage can cause. After the first round of cleaning the walls you can already tell a noticeable difference. Just remember- while fire destroys homes, the smoke can cause just as much damage. Let SERVPRO handle the clean up for you.