Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Moldy Corner

Mold can hide anywhere. It's important to be on the look out while you are doing your home cleaning to ensure mold spores are not reproducing and spreading in your home. Mold likes damp and dark places. Therefore, a corner or even a vent is a very common place!

Bathroom Mold

Bathrooms are known to keep condensation and steam, especially after long showers! This can cause mildew and mold to grow throughout the area. This picture shows just one hiding place of where mold can start to grow. It's important to check your bathrooms from time to time to make sure mold isn't present. 

Mold Removal Needed

SERVPRO was called to check on a water ring on a homeowners ceiling and this picture shows what was found! It's important as a homeowner to pay attention to your home. When you notice something going on, call someone! It could save your home and your health!

Hiding Mold

Mold can hide anywhere- behind walls, in the ceiling, or under the flooring. It can be detrimental to health and those who are breathing it in. Because of this, it's important to have it properly tested and removed from the areas it's living! 

Mold Findings in Home

In this picture, one of our trained crew technicians located the source of mold in a client's home! You never know what your walls may hold so be sure to stay up to date on testings to better protect your family and your home!