Commercial Photo Gallery

Church Mold

After years and years of unknown water damage and leaking behind the counters, mold had began to grown and spread throughout the walls. Luckily they found it and called SERVPRO to remove it before it got worse! 

Commercial Mold

Mold can hide anywhere, even in little cracks of the doors! In this commercial building, mold was visible but ended up being a lot more than what it originally looked like. With mold, it's never just as it seems. If you see speckles, chances are it's in more places than you think. It's always best to call the professionals.

Advertising Firm Loss

When a pipe line busts, this advertising business called SERVPRO! After extracting water in several rooms throughout the company, a complete drying took place. In just a matter of days the business was back up and running "Like it never even happened." 

Commercial Ceiling

When a building has multiple floors, it's not uncommon for water to seep through to the level underneath! When this occurs, the ceilings have a greater chance of falling down. If you notice your business having dark spots or "halos" around light fixtures, you may have a water loss!