Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Tree Damage

After a tree fell on a local home, it caused substantial damage to the roof and ceiling. In this picture you can see the large hole in the roof which allowed water to come inside. Our Project Manager was able to patch the roof and quickly started on fixing the storm damage! 

Storm Damage

After a storm came through, this homeowner's garage was struck by a tree that had fallen. SERVPRO got rid of the tree and boarded up the home until the repairs team could get it rebuilt. In this case, we also boarded up the windows that had shattered as well. 

Storm Loss

Storms and heavy raining can do numerous damages to your home. While heavy rainfall comes down, there's no telling where it will travel. In this case, the rain ended up coming through the storm door of this home and flooding the first floor! 

Hurricane Aftermath

After crisis hit a local family, they reached out to SERVPRO for help. Here is the crew checking out a home that was struck by a natural disaster. Many homes were hit during this storm, but SERVPRO was quick to respond!